Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This time, it's personal.

In March, 2014 I made what I thought would be the last post to this blog. I was wrong.

You may have noticed in recent weeks that inservice teachers in NYS have poked a tiger. They are at war with the governor, state education department and the Regents. The legislature has passed incredibly punitive legislation and many parents have opted to remove their children from the language and/or math statewide tests currently being given.

Inservice teachers really need the help of those of us who are retired. We are generally respected members of our communities who come from the time before teachers were viewed as the greatest- known threat to western civilization, and we have the time to socialize with others in our communities.

We can be a great force to help others understand just how messed up things have become in today's schools at the hands of those in positions of power who have no experience with attending or teaching in a public school.

We need to be able to explain to others--as simply as possible--what has gone wrong. I see my job as getting this information-- in easy-to-understand form-- into your hands. That begins with my next post.

The title of this post indicates that I have a personal stake in this matter. I have two grandchildren who attend NYS public schools, one of whom is autistic. My daughter is a special ed. teacher in a NYS public school. They make this very personal for me.

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